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Application Form

Bursary Application Information
Please review this information before submitting an application.

Application Submission Deadlines 

Applications are accepted on an on-going basis.  

Conditions of Eligibility 

Applicants must be AUGSA members on the date of application for year-round bursaries and/or awards,  and on the date of the application deadline for the bi-annual bursaries and/or awards, unless otherwise  specified in the award descriptions. Any applicant that is denied a bursary is required to wait six months  before reapplying.  

Application Instructions 

Submit your application to Only completed applications received by AUGSA will be considered. Incomplete or improper applications will be destroyed upon receipt. Submission guidelines  and other critical information are provided in AUGSA Policy Handbook found on the AUGSA website.  

Questions regarding this application should be directed to: Awards Committee Chair of the Graduate  Students’ Association (GSA) at  

Bursary Notification 

Only successful applicants will be notified in writing via e-mail that their bursary application has been  approved. Upon approval, applicants must submit proof of purchase for processing of bursary funds for  certain bursaries (i.e., travel, computer bursaries). 

Privacy and Data Collection 

All information requested on this form is collected to aid in processing your application for an AUGSA  bursary. This information is collected following the standards set by the Personal Information and  Privacy Act (PIPA). It is required to determine your eligibility for the bursary and may be used for  research and statistical analysis. If you have any questions about the collection or use of this  information, please contact the GSA’s Awards Committee Chair at  

We understand and respect that asking for financial help can be difficult. Personal information provided  in applications is kept confidential, and only disclosed for processing payment.

Personal Information

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Enrollment Information

Program of study:
How many credits completed:

Applying For

Please select the bursary(s) you are applying for:

Personal Statement

Please describe your financial difficulties and how this impacts your/your family’s lives. Completion of the personal statement is MANDATORY for the application to be considered complete. The evaluation committee places a large emphasis on any information you can provide in this section and the steps that you are taking to improve your situation.:


By signing this application, I confirm that:
1. I have answered all required fields on this form that are applicable;
2. All information provided is true and complete;
3. I have read the Awards Terms of Reference in the Policy Handbook for the GSA Bursary; 4. I authorize the GSA to use the information provided on this application to determine my eligibility for the bursary and for research and statistical analysis, subject to the standards outlined by PIPA;
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